NYE 2017 & The Radiant Entrepreneur Podcast Launches January 2nd

I've been pretty quiet lately and I'm sorry for that but I'm realizing sometimes you just have to listen to what your mind and body need. Mine needed to step back for a few and regroup over the holidays. Plus I had some stuff come up that I had to work through and sometimes you can't just work through it quickly. Time is often needed but we don't always want to give it and I really felt it was important to give the time to what I had going on.

With that said it's NYE 2017 and I wish I could say I am hitting the town and painting it red but the truth is it's just me and my little family and our friends and their little family. We are probably not staying up until midnight and will spend the evening eating baked treats and enjoying conversation. Which this year to last year is so different but I feel this is the way it needed to be this year so I'm grateful I get to celebrate at all! 

2017 was hard for so many people, myself included, and I have hope that 2018 is going to be the best year yet for us all! I have faith that everything that has happened needed to happen so I could really step into my truth in 2018. Will it be easy? Hell no, but I think I'm ready. I am ready to embody all of my core desired feelings and I will be sharing the rest of those in a separate post. My plan to share them one by one got a little derailed but you know what you just roll with it! Why worry so damn much! I'm so tired of worry! Tonights the full moon and I'm releasing worry. I don't want it in why life anymore!

What are you releasing tonight as you head into the New Year? How great is it that NYE falls on a Full Moon! And a SUPER Full Moon at that! It's fucking awesome that's what it is! Well I don't want this to become a lengthy post but I just wanted you all to know I appreciate you! I appreciate your support and love and light you've brought to my life! And if we haven't met yet you are still bringing those things to my life just by reading this. Thank you!

Oh and before I go the most important thing I wanted to share about is my podcast, The Radiant Entrepreneur, launches January 2nd! I probably should have started with this but you know...next time. The podcast is focused on highlighting female entrepreneurs who are conscious & heart-centered. I really want to share their journeys as Radiant Entrepreneurs and discuss topics from health & wellness, business to various lifestyle topics! 

I've got a great lineup of amazing women I've interviewed and it kicks off with yours truly, a topic on Fear & Mindset with Angie da Rosa and an interview with Bailey Yeats! There is so much more amazing juiciness that is coming so please click this link and then click the Subscribe button! It will make my heart sing knowing you support me and you will learn so much!


The Radiant Entrepreneur Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-radiant-entrepreneur-podcast/id1327941491?mt=2

Also, if you think you're interested in joining my growing community of female entrepreneurs you can find us on Facebook!

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Love + Light!