My LOVE for Danielle LaPorte & Desire Map Panning

I'm happy to report that I have just finished taking myself through the Desire Map process and I have found my Core Desired Feelings for 2018! The cool thing about your CDFs which I'll call them from here on out is they can change. You can sit on them for a bit and if one or more doesn't resonate with you anymore you can adjust them. As Danielle LaPorte always says "it should feel good," so if it doesn't change it. I will be posting my words for 2018 over the next couple weeks. I'm letting them sit with me for a bit. I can confirm that AUTHENTIC made it over from 2017! 


That was really my only word for 2017; it was that important to me to feel that way. I had been someone else, anyone else, for so long it was critical that I finally be ME! The truest me I could be. When you've spent most of your life being who you think everyone wants you to be it becomes, to be dramatic, life or death to finally be who you truly are! And let me tell you it FEELS fucking amazing to be me! I don't know why I waited so long to do this! I guess I just needed Danielle in my life to help inspire me to take control of my life. She has been my inspiration for the last 2 years and through her Fire Starter Series I met my amazing business coach Dani Kenney!  Dani has become not only my coach but a dear friend and I finally get to meet her in January in person and I can't fucking wait!

That's what is so amazing about Danielle's programs. They bring you not only closer and more connected to you and your truth but they connect you to other people all around the world! I love and believe in her programs and products so much that I have decided to become an affiliate for her. An affiliate means that I earn a small commission on any products you purchase through my link which is: Shop Danielle LaPorte Programs & Products

When you use this link to shop her programs and products you help me provide the life I want for me and my family! Plus, her planners and other items make amazing Christmas gifts! Why wouldn't you want to pick up a couple items! And, hey, while you're at it get something for yourself too! You deserve it and it will FEEL GOOD!

Diana Lynch