The Radiant Entrepreneur Podcast Show Notes: Episodes 1-3


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Episode 1:


You can listen to Episode 1 below or on iTunes and learn all about my journey into entrepreneurship. I am a mother to an amazing little 2 year old, a wife, entrepreneur, business strategist and sound healer.

The goal behind everything I'm doing is to bring more love and light to the world. I want to connect female entrepreneurs so they can collaborate and learn from each other. I want women to feel connected to other women in their communities and to themselves. I want all women to know they are special and should shine bright!





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Episode 2:

You can listen to Episode 2 below or on iTunes to learn about Fear + Mindset with my guest host Angie da Rosa. Angie is a Transformational Mindset Coach who helps women create the confidence, courage, and clarity they crave so they can be SEEN, HEARD, and HIRED, allowing them to have the impact and income, they desire.


She is a speaker, influencer, and single mama to an amazing toddler who reminds her daily why she stepped into the entrepreneurial world. After working for the same Fortune 500 company for 16 years, she took the leap into entrepreneurship without a safety net, or a plan. Although she doesn’t suggest this to anyone, she has no regrets, and knows it was exactly what she needed to allow her to create the life she desperately wanted.  To her friends and family, she is known as the ‘crunchy mom’, with a natural remedy for pretty much everything. She loves meeting new people, and supporting other women on their journey to finding their courage and confidence so they can create the impact and income they want, and finally LIVE their life instead of just survive in life.

You can find Angie hanging out in her FB community where she has created a sisterhood of supportive women with a ‘collaboration over competition’ mentality.

6 Steps to Unpacking Your Fears:

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Episode 3:

You can listen to Episode 3 below or on iTunes to learn more about Bailey Yeats who has been identified as a Mom, Wife, Woman, Speaker, Coach, Event Host, Entrepreneur, Badass...but mostly she says she's just a Human Being that is striving to live a life that she loves while continuing to work on becoming the best possible version of herself.


Coincidentally there just happened to be other people also searching for ways to become the best version of themselves too...and here they are, learning and growing together to create really amazing humans in this crazy ass society. 

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