January Reflections + Choosing Your WORD for 2018

Monthly I attend an online women's circle called The Fearless Mom Circle which was created by Dani Kenney and she is such an amazing hostess! Not only is she an awesome online circle leader but she is also an incredible business coach and I know first hand for both! The reason I'm brining this up is because these circles always get me thinking. The topics always get me thinking about juicy and deep things. Now sometimes I don't always go super deep because maybe I'm just not feeling it but more often than not I'm always digging into some juicy stuff. The kind of stuff that sometimes isn't fun to talk about. Tonight was no different. 

In tonights Fearless Mom Circle we were asked to talk about our word for the year and how we are committed to it and how has it challenged us. For me, my word is RADIANT! This word has been the driver for so much positive change in my life already in one month! That is the power of choosing a word my friends! I know I'm using a lot of exclamation points but I'm serious. Words are POWERFUL. They ARE power actually. You may or may not know much about manifestation and The Law of Attraction but those concepts are deeply rooted in the power of our words! 

I recently learned more about how if you think something that's good. It gets the ball rolling so to speak. If you say it out loud you are granting it even more power and the Universe can really hear you. If you write it while saying it you are amplifying the power even more because now you've included movement. Think about the vibrational energy you're creating by stating out loud and writing down your word. When you say your word I also think it's best to start it with I AM! Dani actually introduced me to the I AM meditation and woah let me tell you that shit was powerful!! More on that in another post!


For me my commitment to my word has been almost daily. I look at my vision board daily which includes my word along with images that make me FEEL Radiant too and it gives me so much clarity. My commitment also comes in the form of my business. I recently rebranded which I need to do a formal announcement for. Whoops! But my business is now Radiant Healing + Mineralism. That is how committed I am to feeling radiant. I want my clients to feel RADIANT too! And energetically it just feel so fucking right! I've also got my podcast called The Radiant Entrepreneur where I interview heart-centered female entrepreneurs and discuss other health, wellness and lifestyle topics. This also allows me to stay committed to my word. As an intuitive healer and coach I use my skills as a healer to also help coach new and aspiring female entrepreneurs. All of this keeps me committed to my word, and I AM RADIANT!

I honestly feel like I've been tested for longer than the last month. Really well before I chose the word. I would have ideas and try different things but nothing stuck. I think the reason nothing stuck was because I didn't really want it to. I knew I was meant for more and I was meant to bring love and light to the world but up until this month I was fighting it. I wasn't stepping into my power. Every time I'd get an idea to try something it never felt right but I'd go full steam ahead and then something would happen and I'd be reminded this isn't what you want. This isn't what you should be doing. It's hard to listen to your soul sometimes when you've spent so much of your life ignoring and pushing it aside. What I've learned is I can't do that anymore. I am 100% committed to this path and to stepping into my power as a healer and as a woman deeply connected to the Divine Feminine!

If you're feeling lost the good news is it's only January 31st! You have the rest of the year to live every day the way you want to show up in the world. The best way to start is to choose a word. Some, like myself, choose 3-5 words with one being the main focus and using the others as guiding posts.  I recently wrote an e-book that takes you through a journaling process to choose your word in addition to exploring your uniqueness and creating a big vision for your life and business. That will be released soon to all of my subscribers and those who subscribe in the future so if you're wanting go through this exercise and need a little guidance you can always subscribe and you will be the first to get your hands on my e-book called Embody Her - The Radiant Entrepreneur. 

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