Episode 6 features Eleanor Duelley who is my co-hot for this episode! We are talking about SPRING DETOX! I had so much fun chatting with Eleanor and she is so knowledgable and passionate about health. She was such a joy to have as my co-host for this episode. Click the icon for the podcast below where you will be taken to iTunes to listen to this episode and you will have access to all past ones as well. Please be sure to SUBSCRIBE and leave a review! It helps with our ratings and lets us know what we should be focusing on and where to make improvements. Below you'll find Eleanor's bio so be sure to give it a read!

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Eleanor Duelley

Eleanor Duelley is a Stay-at-home mom of 3 children, a Military Veteran, Naval Aviator Spouse and Certified Holistic Health Coach. Throughout the last decade, she had struggled with the ups and downs of weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle until finding a her balance through whole-foods nutrition. She graduated from the prestigious Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City to become an Online Holistic Health Coach and to support and share the amazing possibilities of health and wellness for women all over the world. 

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