Don't Get Stuck In Comparison Mindset

When was the last time you felt connected to the Divine, the Universe, to Goddess or to God? When's the last time you did something in your life or business because you were motivated by someone else? And I mean truly motivated, no thoughts of "I should" or feelings of shame around it. Just real motivation and inspiration. If you find yourself unsure of the answer to that last question you're not alone. 

The last time I felt connected Goddess and the Universe was this morning when I pulled an oracle card seeking guidance for the day. I was sitting at my desk with my altar above me to the left on a shelf and my vision board above me right in front of me. This is my sacred space. I feel connected anytime I sit here. I also have many of my crystals and crystal bowls all around me in this room, my bedroom actually, and it makes me feel loved, and safe and in my mini sacred space. There are many times though when I'm out in nature that I also feel deeply connected, especially to Mama Earth, and it's so special.

I bring this up because sometimes I think we often, I know I do this sometimes, feel like our spiritual practice needs to look a certain way in order for it to matter or be real. The truth is that is total BULLSHIT! If someone has told you that remove them from your life! Or keep them, that's your deal, I just mean really? Really? There is no wrong or right way to connect to your Goddess, God, Divine, Universe or whatever you call to! All that matters is your intention and that you do it. 

I can't tell you how many times I follow amazingly inspiring people on social media and I think oh, maybe if I do it this way I'll be more connected or if I stop doing this and add this then it will be right. There is no right or wrong way to connect. There is only YOUR way! I'm not saying that what others do isn't right and it's not wrong. Again, it's what works for them. Are there ceremonies or rituals that can raise the vibration and draw in more energy hell yes! That's the point of them. Just don't get caught up in thinking you have to do some big ornate experience every time. Go for it if you want to but please don't feel like you have to! That's all I'm trying to say. And, for my Christian friends if you don't want to go to church but you want to believe in God then do it! God, Goddess and the like are all around us and in us. If someone tells you you're not Christian enough because you don't go to church they are clearly dealing with some deep seeded shame. That's all it is. Shame. Shame causes us to play small and feel like we aren't good enough. Don't let anyone put that on you.

So why does this even matter and why am I even bringing this up? Well it matters because I've been talking to people and seeing it pop up on social media lately that some people have been struggling with comparison mindset. Which is basically just comparing yourself to others and then feeling shitty because you don't live up to that standard. Newsflash, no one lives up to that standard but the person living it! Make your own standard and then crush it! I'm not immune by any means. I struggle with this in some fashion at least weekly! Like for example, I am supposed to be working out and eating a certain way because I paid to be in this program and I am failing miserably! Yes, I paid for it and I'm still failing! It's my own fault and I feel like shit every time I see people meeting their goals and I'm over here not meeting mine. First of all, a sane person would have said Diana, what are you doing? You have a shit ton going on why would you even try to add more. And I would have told them I need this and blah blah blah and signed up anyway but honestly I shouldn't have. I knew I had too much stress and too many responsibilities right now to handle one more thing. The problem is I got into comparison mode!

I see all these people getting amazing results and I want it too! The only thing is I don't know what they have going on. I don't know where they are mentally. I apparently am not ready mentally for this kind of commitment. This is the second time I've done this too! I will not do it again. There is nothing wrong with the program, it works amazingly well, it's just not working for me because I'm not in the right mindset. And, I have to stop comparing myself to people I see doing it because clearly we have different things going on. Some people can do it all and that's awesome it's just not me. I have to get right with myself before I try to add anything else on my plate. Thanks Universe! Lesson learned again and this time it's sticking!

Your journey is your own and it’s not supposed to look like anyone elses!
— Unknown (we all say it to someone at some point)

The next time you get on social media and start playing the comparison game remember that you are a unique individual. There is no one else like you in the world! Pretty fucking amazing right!?! Your journey is your own and it's not supposed to look like anyone elses! So please for the love of Goddess don't scroll past someones snapshot of a perfect moment make you feel less than. If you see someone pulling cards daily and you're like I "should" be doing that, I'm a light worker too! STOP! Don't do it. Not because pulling cards is bad, they are amazing, because you aren't doing it because you want to or feel called to. You're only motivation is because someone else is doing it and you think that's what a light worker would do. NO! There are no rules as to what a light worker should or should not do. Only start pulling cards if you feel called to do it. Maybe it's motivation for you to step up your game and motivation is good. I really would hate to see you let it send you down the spiral of I'm not good enough. I'm not ____ enough. You see what I'm saying? There are not shoulds in this world. 

The next time you feel yourself start to compare your spirituality or business practices or fitness goals to someone else stop and ask yourself what you really feel when you look at the picture or words they wrote. Do you feel motivated or inspired? Or do feel shame or less than whole? If what you're feeling is not positive don't do it. Sit with it. Journal about how it makes you feel. Think about how you could work through those feelings. Maybe call your coach or a close friend. Please don't do anything based on negative feelings. It never turns out positive I promise you that. Only when you start to change that to positive motivation will you see the fruits of your labor. Trust me, I've been there and still fall victim to it. We are human after all. I hope that bringing some awareness to it can lessen the number of times it happens.

I would love to hear about something that motivated or inspired you and how you turned into something amazing! Please comment below or email me!

Love + Light!