Finding Your Bliss

Welcome to the Finding Your Bliss 8 Week Program! I am so glad you’re here to learn more. Here you will find more information about the modules in the program. Each module covers 2 weeks. The first week of each module starts with a video that includes questions for you to answer and journal on. The second week of each module has either a guided meditation and worksheet, or a journal prompt. Also, the second week is when you will have your 1:1 session with me.

Before I dive into the details of the program I want to thank you again for showing up. It takes a lot of drive to even get to this point of exploration, and I want to congratulate you on taking this first step! I also want to provide some background as to why I created this program, so please watch the video below for more information.

Imagine at the end of 8 weeks - feeling more joyful and fulfilled; knowing who you are and lit up about your life! Join me as we spend the next 8 weeks discovering your passions and taking adventures trying out new experiences. We'll also take time to reflect on those experiences and evaluate your feelings about them. We'll end with an awakening of who you are and what makes you feel amazing, happy, and full of life!

Program Modules:

DISCOVER: You will explore and uncover your unique gifts and passions. You will open yourself up to the things that may have once given you joy. You will explore those things that you were interested in when you were younger, but perhaps shied away from due to lack of support from your peers. You may even uncover a new passion you've never considered before!

ADVENTURE: You will try out your top 3-5 gifts and passions. Do your best to stay open minded during this time. Let your intuition guide you. If possible, try something more than once. I find that sometimes the first time can be overwhelming and it’s important to give yourself another chance.

REFLECTION: You will dig into what you felt during these adventures. You will open your heart and let it guide you through any emotions or thoughts that come up for you. What did it feel like to try something new? What did it feel like to open up that once-closed door? Would you love to do it again?

AWAKENING: You are now awakened to your bliss. This is unique to you and you alone. You will learn how to make time for your bliss and to continue incorporating it into your life regularly. You will see yourself through a new set of lenses. Those around you will notice the shift in your energy. There are many facets to who you are; let your light shine and give yourself the attention it deserves.

If you have an interest in finding your bliss and living the life that lights you up, please contact me by completing the form below. Give me an idea of the best time to reach you in the comments. I look forward to connecting with you!