Now is the time!

Gift yourself "YOU" time!


Do you feel truly in tune with what your heart and soul want and need? Do you feel clear and present in your daily life? Or even in your business?

If not, I'm here to help!


Here's what you'll get with my

Intuitive Healing + Coaching Offer


  • 6 Months of intuitive healing and coaching with me personally (valued at $1500)
    • 2 Sessions a month for 60min each where you can get to what your heart and soul want and need 
    • 1 Focused healing session a month for 30min where you can heal and activate yourself on a deeper level
  • Commitment from YOU is vital to our success together
    • Missed sessions are unable to be added to the end of the term
    • Due to the nature of our work together there are no refunds or exchanges


  • 1 Custom essential oil roller blend made just for YOU based on your emotional needs. This will give you something on the go that can help you drop into feeling your best, focused and loved self (valued at $20)
    • Roller is infused with crystals and flowers to aid in healing and transformation
  • 1 Crystal healing kit for at home use so you can have the power of healing at your finger tips using methods I teach you (valued at $50)
    • 7 Crystals are selected based on your emotional needs

    Six months of one-on-one intuitive healing and coaching with me personally and two gifts are valued at $1570

    I'm only opening this to FIVE people!

    If you want to be one of those FIVE all of this is yours for $997 and we can start next week!


    You can purchase right now for one payment of $997 or you can make payments at $197 per month for 6 months.

    If you opt for the monthly payment I will contact you to setup the monthly payment plan after your initial payment.