I'm Diana Lynch and I work with women and female entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their power as a woman, transform their lives and businesses and manifest the life of their dreams. Are you tired of working your ass off and not making the progress you want? I'm here to hold a safe, sacred space for you to allow yourself to let your guard down and sink into your own healing experience.

Your experience is unique to you and will bring you clarity to your truer self.

I help women who have sacrificed their own emotional and spiritual health by putting themselves last. What would you give for one hour completely dedicated to YOU! One hour where you are able to just be with yourself. To be, and gain more CLARITY of your heart and mind.

Are you running your own business and feeling stuck and unsure of your next step? Taking the time for you actually allows you to be more PRESENT with your business! After an hour of healing you may find yourself more FOCUSED. You may find the answers you've been searching for appear more easily.

I work with clients privately or in a group setting.  I facilitate women’s circles, provide sound baths for small groups, I teach programs for women and budding female entrepreneurs, I do card readings privately and at events. I'm passionate about creating and holding that sacred space for healing and sharing my gifts with others.

In addition to sound healing and cards I also offer crystal healing. And, I'm excited to announce that I'm now Reiki I attuned! I'm a lifelong student continuously expanding my knowledge of the healing arts and bringing in new modalities as I feel called to do so. I'm a believer that we are the creators of our life. The artists working on a life long piece of art that changes as the seasons change throughout our life. I have a strong passion for manifestation and following the laws of the Universe

I am a nature based practitioner holding true to the belief that Mother Earth is sacred and that so much healing can come from nature and her medicines. I honor the moon cycles and have a strong connection to feeling the ebbs and flows of energy as they are connected to these cycles.

Thank you so much for reading and learning more about me!

Are you ready to take that one hour for yourself? Contact me today to schedule your YOU time!