The Radiant


90 Day Program

I created this program with YOU in mind! I know exactly what it feels like to want to start your own business and feeling like you don't know where to start. Or maybe you've already started a business and now you feel unsure about what to do next or maybe you're not feeling connected to what you originally started with. Whereever you are in your journey you're not alone! I have felt that too and it doesn't feel good.

The Radiant Entrepreneur 90 Day Program is for you if you've ever felt uncertain and overwhelmed with all that goes into starting and running your business.

  • Are you ready to start the business of your dreams?
  • Are you ready to start the side hustle that will help you quit your 9-5?
  • Are you ready to feel connected and in alignment with what you're doing in business?
  • Are you ready to discover your passion and unique talents?
  • Are you ready to dream big and step into your confidence as an entrepreneur?

If you answered YES to any of these questions this was made for you!

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when you say "HELL YES" to joining The Radiant Entrepreneur 90 Day Program here's what's included!

  • 6 - Modules
  • 6 - 50min 1:1 Coaching Calls
  • 6 - 50min Group Coaching Calls
  • Access to Private Facebook Group

Module 1: Complete Alignment

Get clear on how you want to FEEL in your life and business. The last thing you want to do is create a business or continue to work one that doesn't light you up! You should feel completely CONNECTED and ALIGNED to your business. And, you should feel good about how your business sits within your life. Life outside of your business is just as important, if not more so, that's why we focus on really getting to the center of how it is you want to feel in life and business. This is important work that will help you in the rest of the modules. Once you have this clarity you can do a gut check and ask yourself..."how does this feel?" If it doesn't feel good and isn't aligned with the feelings you've identified then STOP and rethink before moving on.


Module 2: Unpack Your Passions + Talents

You are a UNIQUE person. There is no one else like you in the universe! You are PASSIONATE + TALENTED and it's time to start exploring those. This is probably one of my favorite modules because this is where you discover what makes you so damn special! You will be surprised at what you find as you start to unpack all the juicy goodness that makes up who you are and the beautiful gifts you have to share with the rest of the world! It doesn't matter if you end up creating a service or product based business; it will have your signature touch, because it will be from the TRUEST and PUREST place from within.


Module 3: Big Vision

Ok, this is actually my favorite module!! This is all about your DREAMS and imagination! I say imagination because I don't want you to hold back when you start thinking about your VISION for the future. The purpose here is to put out into the universe everything you want and truly envision it as if you're already living it! This is a big deal and now is not the time to let limiting beliefs stop you from creating the big vision you want for yourself. I know this can be hard at first; I was really resistant to allowing myself to truly dream up what I wanted. Let me tell you, once you release that fear, and truly open your eyes you will be amazed at how CLEAR you can get with your vision. I will give you the guidance and tools you need to create and MANIFEST your BIG VISION!


Module 4: Connect + Discover

This is where you really put the work in. I know the previous modules were work but this is whole other type. And, it's a different experience for everyone. This is where you really start to get feedback about your ideas for your business. Market research can be a whole lot of fun and it can also not be; so you get to decide what it ends up being like for you. HINT: Choose FUN! Really though, give it a chance, because you never know what will come up for you while doing the DISCOVERY into what your future clients want? Plus!!! You get to make connections with people and you never know where that will lead. There's a real possibility that you will meet some of your clients by doing this research. There's also a good chance you may CONNECT with someone that becomes an influencer, or a mentor, or friend. The possibilities of what can come out of doing this are vast and it's such good practice to actually communicating with people! People buy from people and they buy from people they TRUST. The more you get comfortable getting on the phone the better, and you will learn EXACTLY what your clients want. This sets you up for success because you know you will be creating a service or product they will actually buy. This is how businesses come together and it works! 


Module 5: Packaging Your Brilliance

Now take all of the JUICY GOODNESS you've been cultivating and turn it into a product, service, course or whatever that will have your future clients begging for more! You are BRILLIANT, and have so much to offer this world; it's time to package it up and share it! In this module you're taking all of the feedback from Module 4, where you did your market research, and combining that with your PASSION + TALENT from Module 2. As you combine those into your service package or product you are going to be doing a gut check back to Module 1. Do you FEEL in complete ALIGNMENT? No, ok go back to the drawing board. Yes, awesome full steam ahead! 


Module 6: Share Your Radiance

You are feeling CLEAR and CONNECTED to your business. You are feeling CONFIDENT and ready to share all of the hard work you've put into creating your business with the world. Congratulations on putting in the work to get to this point! This is probably the most exciting module, because this is where you map out your plan for sharing the amazing product or service you've created with the world! This is your time to SHINE! You have something so amazing to share and there is nothing stopping you! You have a business that is deeply ROOTED and ALIGNED to how you want to feel and you have poured your HEART and SOUL into becoming a RADIANT ENTREPRENEUR


If all of THIS sounds amazing you will love the BONUS module!!

Dani Kenney, Business Strategist at Dani Kenney Coaching is doing your BONUS module on MONEY MINDSET!! Money tends to be one of the biggest blockers for new entrepreneurs. She will guide you through the exact steps she's taken to overcome those blocks. I have worked with Dani for about two years and she is INCREDIBLE! She epitomizes what a Radiant Entrepreneur is! She is CONSCIOUS and HEART-CENTERED and gives with everything she has. I am incredibly honored to have her as my mentor, coach and friend. as a guest EXPERT for my program!

This bonus module is reserved for the first 10 clients who say "HELL YES" to participating full out in the program!


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